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Six Reasons You Need A Certified Business Valuation

For business owners, paying non-essential professional fees is nearly as unpalatable as paying unnecessary taxes. If you are convinced that you don’t require the services of a certified valuation analyst to value your company, this will not be your favorite issue of this newsletter. This issue (and an open mind) may, however, help you avoid an unpleasant encounter with the IRS and help you to reap all of the value of your life’s work.

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Cash Flow Forecasting: The Ultimate Reality Check

Why is cash flow is so important to third party buyers, and by extension, to sellers of closely held companies? In short, a seller must demonstrate an increasing stream of cash flow from the business. Without a healthy cash flow, a buyer may pass over the opportunity to buy your business in favor of purchasing a “good” company with less risk.

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Quotes That Count

You were made to live intentionally. You were made to choose how you live your life, not to let life simply happen to you.

— Matthew Warner Messy & Foolish