MICHAEL JAMES MALLOY, Ph.D., FInstIB, CExP, Managing Partner and Senior Advisor

A lifetime of diverse experience around the world, with the Internet, starting entrepreneurial business ventures, and growing professional services companies has placed Michael at the crossroads of where the global economy meets the Internet in the 21st Century. This allows 
Michael to pursue his passion and mission: To work with people to help them feel empowered to live a life of meaning, as they define it, in today’s rapidly changing world.  His specific interest has been to help business owners and today’s youth. Michael has done this by building companies that advise business leaders around the globe on how to grow their business to achieve the financial goals for their business and for the people involved.  Michael's credentials illustrate the three areas of his specialization and experience -- an early career in high-level academia as a professor of International Political Economy, decades of experience as an owner of both brick-and-mortar, and virtual companies, certified and accredited business advisor and financial strategist.

Business Owner and Leader

  • Lead business strategy for an Internet company in 1997 at the beginning of the commercial Internet
  • From 1999 to present, business owner and serial entrepreneur for over 17 years, 4 companies, in diverse market sectors (Internet, Telecom, International business, Financial services)
  • Chairman PA District Export Council, Vice Chair DEC National Steering Committee; Chairman IIB PA Chapter; Chairman of Board, GlobalPittsburgh; Adviser to ownership on business strategy, multiple businesses over the years.

Trained and Accredited Business Adviser

  • Trained and accredited by Institute for Independent Business (IIB) in 2004, a NPO in Watford England training and accrediting over 4,000 business advisers around the world since 1991
  • Elected Fellow of the IIB in 2010 (FInstIB), one of approximately 200 Associates to have received this distinction
  • Certified trainer for FastTrac entrepreneur training/education program. Kauffmann Foundation

Certified Exit Planner (CExP) and financial business strategist

  • Certified Exit Planner, Business Enterprise Institute: Michael earned this FINRA recognized Certified Exit Planning designation (CExP) through training, rigorous testing and in-depth Exit Plan creation casework. The CExP demonstrates that he is qualified to provide comprehensive, professionally-executed Exit Planning Services to the business-owning community.
  • Created "Transition Planning”, a proprietary, people-focused process combining 15-years business advising and financial expertise, within formalized Exit Planning
  • Practicing as a successful business advisor and confidant to business owners for over 15 years
  • Licensed financial professional since 2011 specialized in financial techniques to execute business strategies

Academic Expert, Political Economy, Global Marketplace

  • A lifetime living in different developed and underdeveloped countries around the world
  • A first career in high-level academia as an expert in political economy, international affairs and business assistance
  • Experience running two International Studies Institutes of the highest standards at a major US University

See LinkedIn profile for full resume and references:  (http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeljmalloy)

Quotes That Count

The Universal Truth is that every owner will exit their business…
The Question is on whose terms: Circumstance, Others,… or Yours?

— Dr. Michael Malloy