HARRY EDELMAN, Senior Advisor


Harry Edelman has worked in the B2B marketplace throughout his entire, business career.  He served Heyl & Patterson Inc., a 128-year-old Pittsburgh company, in a number of executive positions, including Director of Marketing, Sr. Vice President, Executive Vice President, and COO of an affiliated company. Today, he continues to serve on the company’s Board of Directors.

Heyl & Patterson is a global supplier of custom engineered capital equipment in the Bulk Materials Handling and Thermal Processing Industries. The company’s products are used in the chemical, mining, energy, renewable fuels, transportation, environmental, and metals industries for unloading and processing raw materials.

At Heyl & Patterson, Harry worked with diverse departments--engineering, project management, marketing, sales, estimating, purchasing, and upper management—as a single, functional team. Known as a self-starter and lifetime learner, Harry thinks with both sides of his brain and relates comfortably with technical and creative individuals.

Harry concentrated on marketing and international business development. He transitioned marketing from a support department to a world-class, in-house resource center. Functions of this department encompassed strategic planning, marketing, communications, trade shows, graphic design, photography, printing, video, VOC voice of customer, surveys, market research, competitive intelligence, HubSpot, social media, SEO optimization, website, branding, and new-market analysis.

Harry identified international customers, markets, suppliers, and partners. He has negotiated licenses, identified agreements in India and South Africa. All of which took him to a wide variety of countries, from Singapore, Indonesia, and India, to South Africa, Europe, and North and South America. And he has delivered presentations on Heyl Patterson at conferences in India on a number of occasions.

Mentoring and coaching others has been Harry’s passion throughout his career, starting with employees and co-workers. For the last several years, Harry has served as a mentor with members of the Entrepreneurial Fellows Program of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Center. Harry also works with the Katz School of Business MBA program students on coaching them on board presentations. Harry is working with the Innovation Institute Blast Furnace on bringing ideas to market.

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