What We Do - Transition Plan Roadmapping

Protect your personal aspirations for Tomorrow by planning realistically Today, because as they say.... "Hope is not a strategy".

At Legacy HP, we work alongside business owners to grow and protect the value of your business:

1. Maximize the value of your business
2. Increase your liquidity and cash flow
3. Protect your business from the unexpected, 
    inside and around, your business
4. Motivate, orient, and retain your people,
    your most important asset
5. Stay in control while you get the best outcome when you 'exit': 
More cash, less tax, less risk... And at the terms you want.

Our Client Experience - Your Results

"Remember, Transition Planning means executing good business strategy... because, in today's world, you and your business are always in transition."

As a result of our Transition Plan Roadmap, our business owner clients are positively positioned to grow their businesses and to confidently choose how to live their life with purpose – and not let life simply happen to them. 

They manage their business now the way they envisioned so long ago.  They achieve their financial goals Today, while they build their legacy for Tomorrow.

A legacy built for themselves, their families, their employees, and for their community.  


Our Passion - Is our Purpose

Our passion is to position our clients into a positive, energized, posture -- within your businesses and within your lives -- so that you can manage change confidently, take decisive action, and enjoy life's journey Todaywhile building your Legacy for Tomorrow.

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Your People - Your Most Important Asset

During our Transition Planning process our attention is focused on your company’s most important asset -- your people (Ownership, Key Employees, Rank and File Staff). Each group has specific needs, interests, and aspirations.   

Once our work is finished together, everyone will be oriented and motivated to achieve your, now clarified, goals of ownership:

  • long-term vision and strategy is in place to lead everyone towards your aspirations as the business owner.
  • Everyone is properly aligned through compensation plans to achieve your business objectives-- for today... and tomorrow.
  • These three groups feel that the company empowers them to achieve their financial aspirations for themselves and for their families.

Your Situation - Is Our Personal History

For us, your situation as a business owner is not theoretical; it's our personal history. We have sat in the ownership chair.  We know from personal experience that you sit in the toughest and loneliest chair in a company.

That is why we are experts to owners. And why we are mentors and advocates who will accompany you on this transition planning journey together, until you have built your legacy that you envisioned for yourself, your family, your company, and your community. 

Our Goal Together - Grow Your Business

  • Grow your company's cash flow and increase company profits while you own it
  • Grow your company's intrinsic business value for when you sell it
  • Grow your company's perceived market value in your industry and marketplace

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