Douglas Harding brings to the companies he has served a wealth of industry knowledge and solid international business development experience. During the 35 years he has been an International New Business Development Executive for various multinational industrial manufacturing companies, he has traveled throughout the world where he has gained extensive exposure and in-depth knowledge of many high-temperature industrial process operations. Having been born and raised in Venezuela, and having traveled extensively throughout Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, Douglas brings a deep intuitive understanding of business interactions in diverse culture settings. By leveraging his native Spanish language skills and cultural sensitivities, Douglas has been able to successfully bridge the culture gap and develop new business opportunities in many international industrial markets.

Capitalizing on his global business acumen, Douglas brings market-focused leadership in spearheading new market development opportunities for breakthrough technologies, and managing cross-functional multicultural market influencing teams in the USA, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Douglas has a strong focus on identifying and developing strategic market development plans, building close business relationships at C-levels and profitably extending global market reach. One of Douglas’ passions is strategically positioning technological innovation into a competitive advantage in new global markets.

Douglas is fluent in Spanish and currently holds an MBA from Syracuse University and an MA in Economics from Georgia State University. Douglas also teaches International Business, Public Affairs Management and Strategic Management courses at Duquesne University and Waynesburg University.

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