Business Growth Roadmap

"Business Development": How to Grow Revenue and Cash Flow

It is important to have a written specific, and goals oriented business growth strategy for your business. This business development approach should be based on a clear understanding of the strengthens and weaknesses of your business, and clear visibility on the marketplace around your business.  of Do you want to enter new global markets? What about new industry sectors here at home? Want to manage change better in your current markets?

What is the best way to grow top-line revenue for your business?

Grow Company Revenue and Cash Flow:  Good Market Intelligence Research to Expand and Protect Your Distribution and Sales

Today, too many companies are busy trying to keep what they have. They realize what used to work is not working so well anymore.

Why? Because the company is part of the global marketplace... The Flat World... and it is not doing anything about it.  Getting new business quickly and effectively in safe, new markets is possible.

  • business growth, business developmentMarket Intelligence Research:  With market intelligence research, we find, quantify, and judge specific business opportunities in your best markets.
  • Get Answers About Your Current Marketplace: Target safe, stable new markets and countries
  • “Market Makers": Then, we create a business development approach with opportunities in safe, developed markets for smaller companies. We use our market intelligence research to build markets around a company to expand.
  • Engage the Right People: Our global networks and resources connect you to the right people to conduct safe, fast and effective business.
  • It’s One, ”Global Internet” Marketplace: Today's "marketplace" is a fusion of geography  and online communities.  This makes it easier to get business in new markets, if you know how.
  • Learn From the Best: We show companies how to connect with people, ideas, and information. Compete and succeed by operating your business as a 21st century company.
Path to Success:  Decision-Gateway Methodology

For over 25 years, our global team has developed a proprietary "Decision Gateway" roadmapping process.  It is practical and results oriented as we work through specific “Go, No-Go Gateways" so that time and money are not wasted in areas that will provide little return.  This methodology energizes  an organization’s leadership and staff because it breaks down large challenges into manageable steps with clear results... and this allow everyone to develop a sense of movement forward and resolution to such large questions such as: "How do we grow our business doing new things in today's crazy, 21 century globalized, internet fueled economy?"


Quotes That Count

For business owners, the solution lies in the decision to treat their ownership interests as investments. The process begins with The One Percent Solution for Managing Pre-Liquid Wealth.
The One Percent Solution suggests allocating a percentage of value for the illiquid assets under management to provide the budget necessary to manage wealth

— Christopher Mercer

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Failure to Plan Has a Price

“Exiting” is not black and white: Stay involved in the business and have a liquidity event to develop the cash you need.
Transition Planning guides you to orchestrate a successful, permanent exit or to forge a path toward an exit without giving up ownership. Or both.