Business Valuation

Understanding The True Value Of Your Business: Valuation Is Essential For Any Owner


We integrate business valuation methods into our Transition Planning Process.  It's included.  We also provide stand alone valuations combined with 1 on 1 access to a Senior Adviser to review the valuation and it's significant to your ownership and company objectives.


Simply put, you need a Business Valuation whenever you're… aiming to discover, monitor, and optimize the most important measure of success


Amazingly, 75% of the world’s 200 million small businesses don’t know what they’re worth. In the opinion of the Small Business Association in the U.S. (where 30 million of those SMBs are located), this is one of the two most important challenges these companies and their owners face. So why do so few organization lack—and fail to pursue—this critical knowledge? Well, for one thing, it was expensive. The average offline business valuation methods cost roughly $8,000. That’s hardly a no-brainer for most owners. And what’s more, traditional valuations typically take many weeks, and potentially several months.


Still, possessing an understanding on one’s business value is perhaps the key ingredient when aiming to undertake a host of strategic activities and decisions.


Business leaders armed with valuation knowledge are better positioned to:


  • Secure financing
  • Ensure proper credit and risk management
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Sell a business for full market value
  • Cultivate high-impact partnerships
  • Pursue growth initiatives

Quotes That Count

 “We help leaders understand how the world is changing around their business and how they need to manage change within it to keep up.”

— Dr. Michael Malloy

Our Expert’s Blog

Six Reasons You Need A Certified Business Valuation

For business owners, paying non-essential professional fees is nearly as unpalatable as paying unnecessary taxes. If you are convinced that you don’t require the services of a certified valuation analyst to value your company, this will not be your favorite issue of this newsletter. This issue (and an open mind) may, however, help you avoid an unpleasant encounter with the IRS and help you to reap all of the value of your life’s work.