SAMUEL LANDMAN, JD., LLM  Senior Advisor

For over 30 years , Samuel A. Landman, has offered solutions to businesses, executives, professional to help them navigate the IRS confiscatory tax system. For many years Mr. Landman was a shareholder in the boutique law firm of Kabala and Geeseman( now Fox Rothschild) where he advised clients on strategies to protect their assets and grow their wealth through sound business plans. Mr. Landman where appropriate collaborates with best in class advisors on a national level to provide services to his clients.

Mr. Landman believes it is equally important to give back to his community. He has provided free legal services to such organizations as Tickets for Kids and Adoptions Abroad. Plus he has served on the initial Pittsburgh Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Hebrew Free Loan, and Diabetes Foundation.

Because of Mr. Landman legal background possessing a law degree and Master of Tax degree he is uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive analysis of the various issues his clients must consider.

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Quotes That Count

 “We help leaders understand how the world is changing around their business and how they need to manage change within it to keep up.”

— Dr. Michael Malloy