Top Ten Tips: Legacy HP Webinar Series For Business Owners

Join our ongoing series of short webinars for business owners. Top Ten Tips is a 30 minute webinar series.  Short and hard-hitting, our experts focus on 10 top action steps that business owners can on a practical and important, topics.  Top Ten Tips sessions are designed to positive impact the following:

  • Maximize the value of your business
  • Increase your liquidity and cash flow
  • Protect your business from the unexpected, inside and around your business
  • Motivate, orient, and retain your key people, your most important asset
  • Get the best outcome when you 'exit' - Cash, terms you want, less tax, less risk

Our transition planning webinar series focuses on the practical matters of your business, based on our own, personal ownership experience, and our professional expertise.

Each webinar provides, actionable, Ten Top Tips that an owner can focus on, and move on, as soon as they want.

December 2018

Transition Planning for Business Owners: Grow, Protect, Exit Your Business… On Your Terms 

Plan for the transition from your business through the remaining productive phases of your professional life while laying the foundation for retirement and family inheritance. This one hour webinar will introduce you to our 3 Axioms Guide to your "Transition Plan Roadmap." This will help you minimize risk, maintain control, maximize the value of your business as you enter the next phase of your life.

January 2019

Your People Are Your Business:  Motivating and Leading Your Staff To Achieve Your Ownership Goals

Design and implement key employee compensation and incentive based compensation strategies everyone will value.  This webinar explains our Short Term and Long Term incentive programs that will motivate your Key Employee Group (KEG).

February 2019

Have Your Cake, and Eat It Too: Sell Your Business, But Don't Leave Your Business

Learn about axioms, principles, and rules to develop the "exit" scenarios that you want, and that keep you in control.  "Exiting" is not black and white. Use this webinar to help you stay involved in the business and to get the funds and conditions you want.

March 2019

Continuity Planning -- Suddenly, You Are Not There:  Walk Me Through The Next 24 Hours For You Family And For Your Business

Preserve and protect the value of your business. Your ability to ensure the continuity of your company depends on your willingness and ability to communicate your continuity wishes to those who will be affected. This webinar will help you plan your approach in addressing the interrelationships between business operations, management, personnel, ownership, customers and vendors.

April 2019

Key Drivers To Grow The Financial Value of Your Business

Grow company revenue with good market intelligence to expand and protect your distribution and sales. Amazingly, 75% of the world’s 200 million small businesses don’t know what they’re worth. Start with this webinar to figure out what your business is worth and where to go from there.

May 2019

What Buyers Focus On When Bidding On Your Business

Buyers and their teams of advisers have a major advantage over you... they have done this before.  This is probably the first time you are selling your business.  There are specific things that buyers will look for during the initial review, and push on, during the due diligence.  Learn what these factors are along with the tactics and strategies they tend to use to reduce the cash that they have to pay you.