Decision Gateway Methodology

How We Do It: “Decision Gateways” Create Speed, Insight, and Value

Through decades of business development experience, our multinational team has watched the world change and took part in the change. As a result of running and helping companies around the world, we developed a focused, Decision-Gateway Methodology.

Our Decision-Gateway Methodology is a disciplined and systematic process to keep leaders moving forward decisively. We get business leaders “Go, No-Go” decisions on how to lead their companies forward in today’s always changing global economy.

  • Because  the process is compartmentalized:  It limits time, money, and risk to determine the validity of pursuing new business in new markets.
  • Because  the process is customized: Companies pick only the phase/s they need.
“Decision-Gateway” Methodology: Disciplined, Efficient, Minimize Risk

We understand that leadership wants to determine what are the best strategies and the best markets to grow the company and top line revenue. Therefore, our first objective is to complete the Transition Plan Essentials or Continuity Plan Essentials so you to understand your current situation and options to reach your development

Results: We developed the following Decision Gateway Methodology to achieve 3 simple goals:

1. Determine your current company status and your options.

2. Identify your options to transition your business for its future and yours.

3. Position you and your family for the remaining productive phases of your professional life and prepare your "retirement."

The structure we follow is built on the following 4 phases:

We constantly witness our Decision-Gateway Method energize an organization’s leadership and staff. Over the years, our global team identified 4 phases, each with a decision “gateway”. This methodology allows each phase to be self-contained, quick, and flat cost. It leads to a definitive “Go, No-Go” decision point for leadership. Some companies need to follow specific phases in order and others just need help in one phase. Our teams operate with one integrated approach that manages the identification, evaluation, and acquisition of specific new business opportunities among a few, selective countries.

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Leadership Defined:

“Show people where we are going
Show them how we will get there
Show them what is in it for them when they get there.”

— Jack Welsh

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