Who We Are

Servant Leadership: Founded on Professional Expertise in Exit Planning and Financial Strategies

Transition Planning is Legacy HP's unique approach that combines over 25 years of practical experience/training from an international business adviser group (IIB). We then combine it with the formalized training and certification as a Certified Exit Planner (CExP) from the foremost nationally recognized training and certification organization in the United States (BEI).  We execute your transition plan with specialized financial expertise from one of the largest privately owned wealth management firms in the country with deep experience working with business owners.

The Business Foundation:

  • Business Owners: We personally sat in the business owner's chair ourselves– the toughest and loneliest chair in a business.  
  • Accredited Business Advisers: 20 years of formalized business advising using methods learned from our accreditation and training through the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). (The IIB is a 4,000-member, international network of trained and accredited business advisers Headquartered in the UK). 

Specific Professional Expertise:

  • Certified Exit Planners: The discipline and structure of the Certified Exit Planner (CExP) national designation means we are trained in Exit Planning techniques developed over 20 years, combined with specific software systems and in-depth expertise located at the Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) headquarters in Denver, Colorado.  
  • Experienced Business Financial Professionals: Specialized financial strategies and instruments are needed throughout the business to realize ownership goals for the business and for the families involved.  Luttner Financial Group has been developing this expertise since 1969.

Scientific Based Tools and Methodologies: 

  • Over the decades we have identified and incorporated best practices and tools into our engagement methods.  These tools empower people to maximize their human performance and team building (Predictive Index) or provide powerful, fast business planning techniques using the "9 block" Business Model Canvas.

The Result:  

  • Clear sense of direction to what is going on in the world around you and your business
  • Feeling of confidence that you are prepared with the right transition plan (Transition Roadmap)
  • Comfort level knowing that you execute your plan in a close relationship with the best experts and resources you need for the long run

Quotes That Count

 “We help leaders understand how the world is changing around their business and how they need to manage change within it to keep up.”

— Dr. Michael Malloy