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Legacy HP has deeply experienced and highly certified Senior Advisers and business process experts who will travel to you to lead an event for your organization or company.

We usually discuss the following topics and customize the content accordingly:

  • Transition Planning ("Exit Planning") for business owners
  • Continuity Planning for owners
  • Strengthen the Human Capital within the company (Key Employee Group compensation, incentive, and benefits strategies).

Our events are designed to provide practical and useful content that business owners can apply immediately to their situation. Our events include:

  • The interactive session (See Below)
  • Handout materials
  • Professional Whitepaper on topicMeeting
  • Call to Action (No cost follow up assessment and one-hour session to review results)

The formats for events can be:

  • Breakfast Briefings - Shortest event for 1 hour with Q&A
  • Seminar - 1-2 hours with Q&A and individual conversations
  • Workshops2-4 hours, most in-depth engagement with audience, including breakout groups and 1 on 1 discussions

For more information contact us or call us using the information at the bottom of our web pages.

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