HOWARD LILLEY, FInstIB, Director For Australia and Senior Advisor


Howard Lilley has a broad business background in Small Business and Corporate.  He worked for anAmerican Corporate in the Australian subsidiary office and US Headquarters; then for a privately owned Australian Corporate as CEO and on to an Australian Public Corporate before forming his own SME business.  These experiences and skills acquired equip him to be of immense assistance to business at all levels.  He worked his way up to executive management through engineering, sales and marketing.

His broad experience at a professional level is outstanding having worked in the highly competitive US market, travelled extensively and concluded business in many Asian countries, Africa, New Zealand and the Australian Corporate scene.  He is well experienced in International business and can assist clients to achieve realistic objectives.

His succession of roles was:

  • Ampex Australia Pty Ltd:
    • Customer Engineer (Asia/Sth Pacific),
    • Sales Engineer (Sth Pacific)
    • Sales & Marketing Manager (Sth Pacific)
  • Ampex Corporation, Redwood City, California
    • Product Development and Marketing Manager
    • National Sales Manager
  • Ampex Australia Pty Ltd:
    • Managing Director of Operations (incl manufacturing) for the South Pacific.
  • ATL Pty Ltd/Automatic Totalisators (a Smorgon Company)
  • CEO
  • AWA
  • Division General Manager

In his activities as a professional business advisor he is a Fellow and Associate of the Institute for Independent Business International.  In addition to his personal skills and abilities, he has access to IIB Associates worldwide for assistance in any area of business.

Quotes That Count

 “We help leaders understand how the world is changing around their business and how they need to manage change within it to keep up.”

— Dr. Michael Malloy