RACHEL MAUER, Senior Advisor, Head of Market Intelligence Team

Rachel has been specializing in market and competitive intelligence for over ten years.  She has developed numerous intelligence projects for a variety of industries and topics. Rachel has developed competitor, partner, industry, and client intelligence for various clients throughout the years.

Rachel has built her Market Intelligence team to focus primarily on market and competitive intelligence for clients in all industries; portfolio examples include construction, manufacturing, fashion, food & beverage, education, real estate, life sciences and energy. Rachel has Fuld & Co.’s Competitive Intelligence 101 & 102 certification.

Rachel is the Vice Chairman of the Board for Global Pittsburgh; Co-Founder and Vice President of the Pittsburgh Chapter, German American Chamber of Commerce; and President and Founder of the Mauer Group. Additionally, she is a member of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh and the American Council on Germany. Rachel lived abroad in Austria and is fluent in German.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Market/Competitive Intelligence
  • Partner Analysis/Strategy
  • Supplier Intelligence  
  • Foreign Market Analysis·  Strategic Planning
  • New Business Development·  Economic Development
  • Sales Development
  • Cultural Expertise
  • Political Intelligence
  • New Market Strategy

Quotes That Count

 “We help leaders understand how the world is changing around their business and how they need to manage change within it to keep up.”

— Dr. Michael Malloy