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Letter From The Managing Partner


“Over the years my personal and professional path has been quite a journey: From being a professor of global political economy, through managing several top academic centers, to my current 17-year run creating several professional services companies for business owner clients.  These endeavors involved technology, international markets, business development, and financial strategies for business owners.  While outwardly different I came to realize they had a common motivation.

So, during this journey I came to realize my purpose that motivates me to live intentionally: To help people feel empowered to live a life of meaning, as they define it, in today’s crazy changing world – To get them positively positioned to confidently choose how to live their life with purpose – and not let life simply happen to them.

 Professionals who shared these beliefs came together with me at Legacy HP, my current venture of 8 years, because we shared a motivation to help business owners run their business the way they really want... in the depth of their hearts, to achieve their personal aspirations for themselves, their businesses, and their families.  At Legacy HP, we are business mentors and coaches who work with business owners to take the action needed to reach their financial objectives, not just for the company but more importantly for the people involved.

I realize now how I was profoundly shaped by all the conversations I had with my Grandfather, Harry Portner (HP) about his business and its integration into his life -- how he was "get it done" oriented for his customers; how he treated people in, and around, his businesses; how his family was the core driver for why he did anything.  It has been a true pleasure and honor to witness the growth of our network and our people as we extend our global reach and our professional abilities.  Legacy HP has evolved over the past eight years around this mission to help business owners to run their business the way they really want to... in the depth of their hearts, so that they can achieve their personal aspirations for themselves, their businesses, and their families.


Michael James Malloy, Ph.D., FinsIB, CExP

Michael James Malloy, Ph.D., FInstIB, CExP Managing Partner and Senior Adviser



Rachel Mauer, Senior Advisor, Head of Market Intelligence Team

Howard Lilley, FInstIB, Director For Australia and Senior Advisor


Taylor Clayton, Communications and Marketing Specialist