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Over the years, we developed a lot of instructional content and useful information for business owners. If you represent a group and would like an LHP Senior Adviser to do a presentation at your event or facilitate/lead a workshop with business owners, please review our Schedule An Expert page.

We provide the following information for you and the leaders of your companies.

  1. LHP White Paper Series:  These papers are written exclusively for business owners and leaders who belong to our global network. The White Paper Series consists of substantive reviews of an important business owner topic. However, they are written to be succinct, to the point, and easy to relate to your specific situation. To access the White Paper Series and our
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  2. LHP High Points Series:  You will find several of our LHP High Points linked below. Each LHP High Point provides a case study and a high level discussion of the topic. They are written to be quick and impactful so you can apply the information to your real life situation.
  3. Contact Us To Talk:  You are encouraged to contact us to discuss your situation or this topic in more detail. We will always take 10-15 minutes to walk you through a topic, answer questions and provide the valuable information you need (See below, click, and/or request what you need).


Quotes That Count

Leadership Defined:

“Show people where we are going
Show them how we will get there
Show them what is in it for them when they get there.”

— Jack Welsh

A LHP White Paper Series — Exclusively For Business Owners, includes Executive Assessments

Below is a list of our LHP Business Owner White Papers.  To receive a free copy, just fill in the contact information form to the right.  Tell us in the subject heading what you need, and in the details section indicate which ones you would like. We will send them to you quickly. You can always call us as well and request a copy.

Feel free to ask to speak with a Senior Adviser for 10-15 minutes to talk more in-depth on a specific topic covered below, get executive assessments or ask a question you have.

Continuity Planning For Business Owners                                       white paper screen shot

Employee Incentive Planning

Exit Routes For Business Owners

Inevitabilities For Business Owners

Transfer Business To Key Employees

Transfer Wealth To Children

Headwinds For Business Owners

Value Drivers To Maximize Business Value

ESOP Opportunities for Business Owners

Cash Balance Plans


Transition Plan Executive Assessments

The Universal Truth is that every owner will exit their business…
The Question is on whose terms: Circumstance, Others,… or Yours?

Transition planning is working together to plan for the transitions through the remaining productive phases of your professional life. To set the stage for your "retirement" and your inheritance plan as well.

It's one of our 'first step' options -- Comprehensive, Fast, and Inexpensive.  Frankly it's a way for us to start building a relationship and for you to gain confidence fast.

Here is a one- page overview of our Transition Plan Essentials.


Continuity Plan Executive Assessment

Suddenly you’re not there for them anymore… walk me through their next 24 hours.

How do you assure the continuity of the most important asset to your family's future?

  • Business ownership?
  • Who makes Decisions?
  • Loss of key talent -- You?
  • Loss of key employees and customers?
  • Loss of financial resources?

Continuity Plan Essentials: Preserve and protect the value of your business

It's one of our 'first step' options -- Comprehensive, Fast, and Inexpensive. It's a way for us to start building a relationship and for you to gain confidence fast.

Here is a one-page overview of our Transition Plan Essentials.